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Re: Spam

Postby Capellini » Fri Jun 12, 2009 10:22 am


I can delete all the POSTS made by a spammer by clicking just one button, but if you've responded to the post, your response remains, and I need to then delete those individually. Makes me cranky, wastes my time, so don't do that please!

If you find spam, you have one of two options.

Step one: Flag it! That works REALLY well.

Step two: If it's been flagged (reported) for a while and is still there, send a pm to the MODERATOR for the section it is in.

But DO NOT REPLY TO IT. If you aren't sure if it is spam, please don't post a response musing on the possibilities, just report it and wait for a mod or admin to make a ruling.

Please make it easier for me to like coming here and DO NOT REPLY TO SPAM.
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