Adelaide pastafarianism

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Adelaide pastafarianism

Postby Heaslip » Thu Nov 09, 2017 9:43 pm

Is there any other pastafarian in Adelaide
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Re: Adelaide pastafarianism

Postby ET, the Extra Terrestrial » Fri Nov 10, 2017 12:22 am

Tig is from somewhere in Upside-Down Land.
"Mit der Dummheit kämpfen Götter selbst vergebens."
("Against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain.")
-- Friedrich Schiller (1759–1805)
Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.
-- Philip K Dick

What happens when all the renewable energy runs out?
-- Victoria Ayling

English isn't much of a language for swearing. When I studied Ancient Greek I was delighted to discover a single word - Rhaphanidosthai - which translates roughly as "Be thou thrust up the fundament with a radish for adultery."

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Re: Adelaide pastafarianism

Postby Nef Yoo BlackBeard » Fri Nov 10, 2017 12:55 am

an so B defectif turlehed anna monobaaz an um um
i fergit
cabin boy fir hyer. jyint hat no hextra charj.

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Re: Adelaide pastafarianism

Postby Pastafreemason1 » Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:11 pm

Adelaide Pastafarians would come out after I leave Adelaide for the USA *grump grump*

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