The Create a new word from Latin Roots Game!

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The Create a new word from Latin Roots Game!

Postby PantyGnawer » Fri Jan 22, 2010 2:30 am

In college I took a great class on Latin roots. Learning Latin in full is absolutely pointless, but just learning the root words that form ours and other languages can be very helpful. One of the coolest facts I learned from this class was that if you create a new word from Latin root words and get it published, then it can actually become a real word!

In this game you will join Latin roots to form a brand new word. Here are a couple of pages of Latin roots and one of an English to Latin translator to give you something to work with. ... s_afx2.htm ... h&to=Latin

Give the word and then the translation.

I won't be that good at this, but I'm sure that some of you will be brilliant at it!

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Re: The Create a new word from Latin Roots Game!

Postby ken worley » Mon Jan 25, 2010 2:39 pm

I died my Latin roots, so can no longer use them.

I have been learning ES PAN YOOL though...

Like, phonetically, EM-ays kahn OH-troe EM-ays
(the hard candy-coated chocolate snack that melts in your mouth, not your hand.), or,

Oh-Duh-LAY, VAH-toe. DAWN-day ESS-ta glow-BALL-es kris-TAL-eh, way?

(Greetings, young gentleman. Could you kindly direct me to your neighborhood's nearest distributor of street-level-quantities of methamphetamine, wey.)

AIY- yai yai...PELL-uh KOE-bray....Su es tres BEE-ehn...MOE-toe BELL-ah. LOVE me.

(Excuse me, miss. I find your copper-colored tresses quite fetching....Lovely... Would you deign to attack my loin area with fervor and timeliness?)

latin.....Get off of my seester?...I will cut you, esse?

nah, that's not it.

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Re: The Create a new word from Latin Roots Game!

Postby Nef Yoo BlackBeard » Mon Mar 01, 2021 6:53 am

I luv werd roots, i b lernin ubowt dem at Portsmuff Kindygarden skool, yarr. Tha werd roots rrr very im-port ant bcos thay link menny werds wiff simlar meening. 4 eggs-sample, dud ye no dat tha root ov Beelzebub iz "BL" and it iz de rived frum Hebrew? Well et iz and a nuvver "BL" werd iz balein dat meens net or snare. So wotch owt cos dat Beelzebub bad guy iz gunna trap yew! Uvver "BL" werds (Balaam, Belial and Bela) hav entrapmint conno-tayshuns too. Dud ye awl-so no dat tha "BL" root crossd in2 tha Latin and dat "Bella" meenz a very bewtifull wooman or enchantress? Note tha entrapmint conno-tayshun here awlso crossd over frum tha Hebrew!
You're wellkum, NYBB :welcome:
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