so much evidence right in front of us

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so much evidence right in front of us

Postby Master Jedi Mike » Fri Nov 20, 2009 12:51 pm

you know how there's no "proof" when it comes to religion and intelligent design?

There's so much proof over evolution, it's overwhelming.

For example:

People who's ancestors came from very hot, very sunny regions of the world have very dark skin. We call them "black" but it's really a shade of brown (I don't need to tell you that, we know). In fact, the whole of humanity is a shade of brown be it tan, wheat, fallow, sienna or bistre. We are all brown. Now, people who's ancestors came from cold regions where the sun shines some of the time are much more pale.

If we all migrated from areas near Iran/Iraq and spread throughout the world over several hundred millennia, it would make sense that our bodies would adapt to the conditions in which we found ourselves in be it Africa or Northern Europe.

What about the vitamin D argument? Why would "god" make it so that our skin produces a poison if exposed to sunlight (yes, too much vitamin D can hurt you)? Sure, we need vitamin D for certain things but we can get that from veggies and milk. The sun causes our skin to produce 200x the vitamin D as in what's in a full plate of broccoli.

Adam and Eve.

Okay, Adam and Eve had kids; Cain, Abel and Seth. All boys. Where did civilization come from or are we all descendants of inbreeding?

The Catholic church (not very long ago at all) declared that the Earth was some 6,000 years old. Only 6,000. They even had the date and time of day. I do believe the Pyramid of Giza was erected sometime, oh, 5,000 years ago. There are temples in Malta going back 7,000 years.

kind of weak arguments but so is, "I have faith"

And did you know what scientists believe that lactose tolerance is probably the most recent major evolutionary milestone?

Oh, and that women are as smart and capable as men?

Or that homosexuals are able to feel and express love and raise children like any other household? (screw you, Maine!)

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Re: so much evidence right in front of us

Postby blaze8902 » Mon Dec 28, 2009 5:33 pm

Very nice. Well put. Although, I doubt it will change anyone's mind about anything. Even if it's a good argument people just don't want to listen.
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Re: so much evidence right in front of us

Postby Dudeman55556 » Fri Jan 01, 2010 3:03 pm

Good job? I guess?

Who were you addressing?
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