A trip to the DMV....

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A trip to the DMV....

Postby Elviorion » Thu Jun 01, 2017 1:45 pm

Hello fellow Pastafarians!

A little story about my trip to the DMV recently:
I had made up my mind quite some time ago to see if I could push the envelope at the DMV and get my picture with my favorite religious wear as a salute to his noodily guidance. (why isn't there a colander emote here???) And this was the year that my license was finally up for renewal. To my amazement, last year, a lawsuit was raised and won in favor of recognizing the colander as a religious head covering! So yesterday I marched on down to the most pleasant and happy place on earth: the DMV. Colander on head and letter from the Deupty DMV Administrator in hand, ready to wage war on anyone who would try to oppress me! :furious:


There was no war. :confused:

The feller taking the pictures didn't say a word when I walked up, colander on my head, and told him I needed to renew my license. I passed him my application, my old license, and my printed letter. He skimmed the letter, which seemed to appease any questions he may have had for me and....just took the picture.

The only static I got was from the processing lady, who upon my approach said simply "Are we going to allow this?" when she saw the picture. I informed her that legally she must allow it, and provided the letter to her as proof. She read it and moved forward. In the end only asking if she could keep the letter. I allowed it, and left. Now I am waiting for my physical license to come in the mail (10 days they say) but I have a paper copy and it is GLORIOUS. Who knew WI was in any way a progressive state!

:drinking: :haha: :drinking:


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Re: A trip to the DMV....

Postby Cardinal Fang » Fri Jun 02, 2017 2:19 pm

:worship: :worship: :worship:

Good job


(P.S. The reason there aren't any colander smilies is because colander wearing is a fairly recent addition to the Pastfarian rites. The smilies predate that)
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