New Pastafarian Friday Kiva Loan

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New Pastafarian Friday Kiva Loan

Postby James Jenkins » Thu Oct 02, 2014 4:58 am

The ‘NEW PASTAFARIAN FRIDAY Monthly Loan Initiative’ has a focus is on Kiva loans to post new money to, these are long term loans with the potential for loss.

As Friday is the Holiest of days, and as doubloons may be a bit easier to find early in the month the first Friday of the month will be the New money loan day.

Friday starts on Christmas island (which is UTC/GMT + 14 hours) ... kiritimati around 6 am Thursday USA EDT, so I am posting the New Pastafarian Friday monthly loan initiative around 6 am my local time.

Our Goal is to fully fund a loan by the end of the Holy day for Pastafarians around the world.

The loan below is to help Donara to pay for materials and tools for pasta production and renovation of the machinery. She and her mother-in-law produce different types of pasta and her husband distributes and sells it. They are the only producers of pasta in the whole Eghegnadzor town.

The loan will be repaid over 3 years with the last payment in November 2017. The Kiva partner is SEF International which has a Secular rating of 3 (At least some Christian influence), A Kiva Risk rating of 4 and Social Rating of 2. Donara has previously defaulted on a loan, but has been running her business in a sustainable way, ensuring that she will be able to cover the monthly payments

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