Looking for a Cool Pirate to spread the word in their city - Glorious opportunity!

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Looking for a Cool Pirate to spread the word in their city - Glorious opportunity!

Postby Sam Baum » Mon Oct 01, 2018 2:12 pm

Avast there, I'm one of the Rabbies of the Israeli Church.

A month ago, I met with a start up company, here in Israel, which runs an app to allow people to become online ambassadors to their city.
The person recommends events, locations, services they deem valuable and has used personally, so others who find them interesting can follow suit - you can advertise Pirate/Church points of interest in your city!

They're interested in the Pastafarian community and said they'd be willing to assist a person in joining and pushing local pastafarian events and points of interest.

If you have an awesome personality, interesting friends and connections, live and breath your city and can recommend Pastafarian interests in it, you're good to go!

You need to live in NYC, London, Toronto, Lisbon, Rio, Sau Paulo, Paris, Seoul, Dublin, Dallas, LA, Athens, Sydney, Mexico City, Miami, Austin, Vancouver or Washington DC; They're pushing into Asia now, so those may be of interest, too.

They'd help run it for a while, at the start, until you get going and we'll push the profile on social media, to help it alnog.

This can be a wonderful way for anyone to boost interest in the Church, gain some knowledge in the online world and maybe get connections and share interests.
Please send me a private message if interested or know of someone like that.

[I won't post the name of the company here, as this isn't an ad or a plug for their services, I want the Church to join and push itself (and you , as well) through it]

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