Helping other pirates FOR THE WIN!!!

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Helping other pirates FOR THE WIN!!!

Postby AnomAnom » Wed Mar 17, 2010 8:53 pm

Many of you swabbies may be familiar with the worldwide pirate clan "anonymous." :fsm_ninja: Our Brethren of the Internet Seas needs our help in defeating the planetary scurvy.

Please steer your galleon toward the tranquil seas of

If you know of our /b/rothers, avast ye to their side, and lock arms, raising your mighty noodly cutlass to our mutual enemy!

They'll :welcome: you with grog, and shall help you in your fight as well.

To our new-found compatriots, I salute you all.


Remember Lisa McPherson! Google her if ye be confused...

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Re: Helping other pirates FOR THE WIN!!!

Postby Roland Deschain » Sun Mar 21, 2010 6:12 pm

Interesting group. I'd not heard of them before. I remember seeing a couple of interesting videos on Scientology a while ago.

One of them showed recruitment tactics in, I think, London or Southampton (UK). After 'fleecing' the undercover reporter for thousands of pounds, they sent her to a retreat. She was found out and expelled from the retreat for briefly taking documents to read and copy (she was going to return them). Can't find the link at the moment.

The second video was a Scientology festival (?) where a public opponent of the group was stopped from entering a public street and heckled by a few Scientologists. For some bizarre reason, he was accused of many crimes by them. They didn't even know him. You can see them go blank for a second when he says something that is irrefutable, which then elicits them to come back at him without answering his question.

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Re: Helping other pirates FOR THE WIN!!!

Postby MonkeysInACan » Sun Apr 04, 2010 3:55 am

Ahoy AnomAnom! I was involved in the first "Sea Arrrg" protest at Philadelphia. Everyone had many lulz and even cake :grin: Is Anonymous going to have a greater focus on pirates? The main leader of that group in Philadelphia just sort of disappeared when the Enturbulation forums moved over to

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