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Postby Elastoman » Thu Aug 07, 2008 11:50 pm

Oi'd been layin' low. Finn 'adn't yet drown'd me, but 'e were doin' 'is best wif a steady supply uv 'is best blackstrap rum. As far es th' Governor knew, I were dead. Nell'd been absent fer several days, but I wer suspectin' she'd show up soon, jes t' make sure I were gone. Scholey were keepin' an eye on Mary an' Dick fer me, an they weren' givin' any sign uv what they were about. Toime were movin' mighty slow.

Affer a week, one uv Whiskey Finn's boys brought me a bundle uv lettars wif me lunch.

Th' First were from Ling.
"Em -

"You backstabbing, bastard son of a whore! I hope you rot in hell.

"And I love you. I don't know how you got your hands on that letter, but the writ is done. I'll send it to Finn as soon as I can. Sometimes you surprise me, dear. Your idea with the lace and transcribing the signature worked. It looks as if he signed it with his own hand. And for the seal - whatever you were smoking when you came up with the idea to use powdered starch and water was worth it. Now I've got the Governor's chop sitting on my writing desk along with your balls, your heart, and your soul. Come get 'em.

Love always, Ling."

Th' second were from Scholey.

"'E's sure yer dead, but keep yer eyes open. Nell be comin', mate. Mary's scented somethin', as ye thot. She said t' keep hopin', but thet she preferr'd Lady MacBeth t' a whiner's mum. Whut in th' hell's that mean? Drink wun fer me."

Th' third surprised me - it were from Lam.

"Em, you will be son to me, so I give advice. You need talk to Ling. She miss you. She annoy me with crying, worrying, yelling. Disturb business. I know you hide. Take Lam direction - go for walk. Walk to big hill. Call "El Culo Del Diablo" by local. Swim to bottom of lake. You find way, but no open eyes. Water bad for eyes. Come soon, or I no give blessing for marry Ling."

"Th' Devil's Asshole?" I took me bottle t' th' patio, an' watch'd th' surf roll in. "What's thet chinaman thinkin'?" There were still a week's werth uv supplies sittin' in me parlor. I 'ad nuffin' better t' do while I wait'd fer Nell t' come lookin, but if I weren't 'ere whun she came, I'd not learn what I needed t' know. Oi'd give 'er one moar day, an then I were goin' fer a swim.
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