Praying for Peace or Preying on Peace?

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Praying for Peace or Preying on Peace?

Postby Riki » Mon May 01, 2006 12:12 pm

Praying for Peace or Preying on Peace?

Any house need 4 pillars as we do in our life.
1) The religion (Pillar) we lost
2) The Race, bye, bye.
3) The Family, we have lost that too
4) The National Identity this is fading too or faded.
So do we have a house any more, can we make it with out any pillars?
I advice you to read Hennery Ford Book the international Jew, In his book this great man wanted to shorten the WWI by one day, the KHAZARI said no way, we started the war we know how and when to stop it.
It is sad we all still thinks Bush lied on us all on invading Iraq, and occupying it, we all foregut that the biggest crime of Bush Junta came in 9 11, if we compare that lie , Iraq will be a drop in the Ocean. If he can lie on Iraq, so he could lie on any thing, the 9 11 is the target where we all should put our effort in, if we want to prevent any future disaster, Iraq is RED Haring, it made to distract our intention from the crime of 911 and to give security to the apartheid state of Israel. We have to pay with our Blood and borrowed money with high interest just to keep this criminal state exists. The cost is very high and America is loosing its world status as supper power, and gaining rapidly world of hate, in the same time becoming THE EMPIRE OF DEBT.Who envy America any more, and for what? Please see the loose change you will find the Iraq crime is a drop in the ocean:

For those new please expose the film to maximum, we must concentrate our effort on 9 11 if we want to live in peaceful world, enough is enough.

http:// www.policestateplanning.c...e_change_ii.htm ... ctionID=11

Chomsky's view on 9/11
Part 1 v=B...arch=conspiracy
Part 2 v=L...arch=conspiracy
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Re: Praying for Peace or Preying on Peace?

Postby dukes » Mon May 01, 2006 2:38 pm

Riki wrote:I advice you to read Hennery Ford Book the international Jew,

Henry Ford was a great innovator, a very successful entrepreneur, and died one of the worlds richest men.

He was also a Jew-baiting anti-semite who bought his own newspaper so that he could publish his own virulent opinions. His wiriting drew from the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion" - a well known Czarist forgery.

If you want to quote Ford on early twentieth century industrial practice you are quoting a master. If you want to quote Ford on international politics and zionism you are on very thin ice.
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