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The Official Loose Canon Submission Spot

Postby Platypus Enthusiast » Sun May 23, 2010 5:59 pm

Ok guys, the First Edition of the Loose Canon is coming out this week, and to make it easier to compile the next edition, I ask that anyone who wants to submit material to please use this thread. I've got a list of the submission threads for the major categories below. If you're submission doesn't fit one the those categories or you don't know where it should go, you can just post it to this thread.

Old Pastament:
Law (The Book of Clarifications)
Misc Artsy Writings

New Pastament:
The Acts of the Apastals
Epastals (Fiction)
Epastals (Nonfiction)
Revelations 1
Revelations 2

Official Prayer Book:

Also, a few pointers and thoughts for the next Council of Olive Garden in the off-chance we aren't around for the next edition.

-Several books of the canon are compilations and can/should be added to; The Random Number of Not Commandments, Suggestions, Pastalms, The Book of ProvHerbs, The Acts of the Apastals, Revelations 1: The Book of Revealed Crapola, The Official Pastafarian Prayer Book.

-I personally think the Gospels, Acts, and the Epastals should be mostly nonfiction. So letters to real people, Apastals that aren't just fictional characters, and gospels about a realish messiah (Since we don't have one yet, we decided not to put in any gospels). But I'm no authority, so this trend doesn't have to be continued.

-We decided not to edit anything, except for numbering and formatting issues (consistent font size, font, color) or remove any texts canonized by the First Council. We figure since these are supposed to be divine texts, changing it would go against what the FSM wanted (plus I'm lazy). Again, this was our personal choice and future Councils may differ. However, if texts are changed in the future, it could screw up stuff people had previously quoted. I figure at least you shouldn't take out any texts.

-I chose not to number the prayers cause I think it works better. Like, who quotes a single line of a prayer? But again, I could be wrong.

That's all I can think of now. Have fun guys.

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