New Member Instructions!

This is the section that includes the forum rules, and standard operating procedures. You can't post to the rest of the forum until you've posted here. Don't bother trying.

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New Member Instructions!

Postby Qwertyuiopasd » Mon Mar 10, 2014 4:46 pm

This is for all newly registered members, or people looking to join the forums! First off, welcome! But more importantly, consider the following...

You must post in the New Convert Thread before you will be allowed to post anywhere else on the forum.

1. Register by clicking the "Register" link in the top right of the screen!
2. Wait for the confirmation email, and follow the instructions it gives you
3. Post in the New Convert Thread!
4. Wait for it to be approved
5. Get approved! Hooray, you aren't spam!
6. Post at your leisure.

This is our most important anti-spam measure, so please do understand that it is necessary and will be enforced strictly. Our team will try to keep a vigilant eye for well-meaning, non-spam posts, and direct you to the proper thread, but it's entirely possible the post will be overlooked and deleted as spam (and your account may be deleted, as well).
If this happens, don't panic! Just try again. :zen:
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