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Conchigliette Convert
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Postby Jhoge » Wed Aug 30, 2006 9:55 pm

Guess what? I too am a convert! I was once an athiest, but now I have found the true and only path. I vow to worship the FSM with tolerance and kindness.

And now I can post!
"Hell is other people."-Jean-Paul Sartre

In the beginning, he created a mountain, a tree, and a midgit.

My god is better!

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The Meromorph
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Postby The Meromorph » Wed Aug 30, 2006 10:02 pm

Well it's a true path... And it's only a path...

I can recommend sharing a tasty and nutritous meal with family and friends and spending some time admiring their religion, too!

Welcome to a home of true tolerance and diversity!
Laughing in the rain.
Dancing in the desert sand,
Somersaults through life.

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Lord of Linguini
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Postby anthrobabe » Thu Aug 31, 2006 9:44 am

Dr. Otis Lansa wrote:
Actually, it's mostly loonies, but they're nice people, too... :D

shhhhhhhhh not supposed to tell about the loony part-of course my diary is on livejournal so they can see for themselves

i am not mice---i mean nice
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Ziti Zealot
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Postby littlegirlpurple » Thu Aug 31, 2006 11:28 am

The Meromorph wrote:Welcome aboard, indeed.
Your mom is relatively new here herself, but is already beloved of many of us... So you are especially welcome! :fsm_rock:

Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!! :D
Gecko Girl...

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Dae Rolf
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In the name of inter-relgious dialogue and relations

Postby Dae Rolf » Thu Aug 31, 2006 5:21 pm

SO the newly registered have to post here first, eh?
So be it then - but I would like to stress that I am not a convert.

I am the religious leader of my own community, and I am here
to forge eucumenical relations and to promote inter-religious dialogue.

To uphold my creed: ask, and learn.
The Daeon observes........he always does that

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The Meromorph
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Postby The Meromorph » Thu Aug 31, 2006 5:34 pm

Of course you don't have to convert!
We'll be happy to join you in polite, respectful, and tolerant discussions. :fsm_rock:
Laughing in the rain.

Dancing in the desert sand,

Somersaults through life.

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Conchigliette Convert
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Postby I_love_noodles » Thu Aug 31, 2006 11:11 pm


I'm new here and have been reading trough the main page and parts of the forum for the last... um... three hours. Which is not a bad thing, but considering it is now 5:00 am and I should try to catch some zzz's... Well, anyway, I decided to register because I (obviously...) love noodles. And the idea of a flying noodle monster appeals to me a lot! So: :worship: :)

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Conchigliette Convert
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Postby I_love_noodles » Fri Sep 01, 2006 7:45 am


Fortunately my first appointment today is at 4 pm, so I was able to sleep in :) Thanks for the nice welcome. Yeah, I'm from Germany (currently 24, female, studying biology at the lovely University of Tuebingen in the south-west part of Germany) and the ID-problem is not a big one here, but the creationists are increasing their numbers slowly. As it is usual in the schools to educate religion or ethics (at least several years, on most schools you can drop it after some years) and science there is no need to disguise religion as science to get it in the class-rooms, but the ideas and quality of the religious/ethic education differ a lot from school to school and I would not be surprised if there are some creationism-preferring teachers... after all I was on a catholic school with "forced" religious ecuation and had a teacher who was mightily impressed about the theories of Erich von Däniken and was, even if she had studied theology, quite critical of church itself :D

So we'll see what will happen. I, for myself, am very content with a flying spaghetti monster-theory - I grew up in a quite liberal catholic house and area and while my parents taught me the christian ways they were not adamant about "this is the only right religion, you have to obey the bible by word!" (haven't even read large parts of it), on the contrary - they encouraged me to look over my noodle-dish and at least to look at another belief before making up your mind (which, of course, can result in disliking another ones belief ;) ). I'm not a very religious person right now although I believe in "something" that set the universe in motion, set a kind of starting point so that everything else could evolve from that to the point it is right now. And if that was a old man with a white beard, an alien life-form that plays with its marbles or a FSM... I love noodles, so I go with the FSM :D

Sir Francis Drake
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Postby Sir Francis Drake » Fri Sep 01, 2006 10:05 am

By George, I think you've got it!

Welcome, and happy first Pastafarian Friday to you!
Taste the truth, savor the satire, pass the pasta!

Dona Nobis Pasta

-Opsanus tau

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Conchigliette Convert
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First timer

Postby D-Ranged » Mon Sep 04, 2006 12:18 am

Hi fellow Pastafarians.

Just thought I'd pop in n say hi (I also wonna C if my Avatar works).
*it didn't work so I've opted to edit n replace it with the Jollyfish*

Is there any other UK Pastafarians out there? If so give us a shout.

I'm lookin forward to speak like a pirate day (Sept 19th) and wonder what work will have to say if I turned up in my Pirate hat!

Is ne1 having a North West of England "speak like a pirate day event?" if so I'd love to know.

That's it for now.

May all your days be enriched by His noodly touch.


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Dr. Otis Lansa
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Postby Dr. Otis Lansa » Mon Sep 04, 2006 12:42 am


Welcome aboard! There are TONS of UK Pastafarians (including some of our Mods and Admins), and they've even arranged meet-ups in the past. Check the Gatherings area of the forum, and you should be able to stir something up. They tend to be the piratey type as well....

You should be able to check your avatar in your Profile, but I'm glad you've posted anyways... AND in the proper thread! We're always grateful when someone bothers to read the rules.

The forum has been having a few "technical difficulties" lately, so bear with us. This might have something to do with your avatar not working...

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Conchigliette Convert
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Postby Athy » Mon Sep 04, 2006 11:16 am

Hello Pastafarrians!

I looked through the forums to try and find an answer to my question, but couldn't find anything regarding what I sought, so I decided to register and ask my question here. If it is an inappropriate place for questions like this one, or if the topic has already been raised for discussion or deserves its own thread, please point me in the direction of correct action.

I am getting married in May, and would like to incorporate some elements of respect for Our Noodly Master into our ceremony. Apart from full pirate regalia, are there suggestions and/or precedents for this that I can draw inspiration from? Our ceremony will be outside and performed by a person with complete admiration for Him and His Noodly Appendage, and so I anticipate no problems with any suggestions.

Thanks for the help

Conchigliette Convert
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Postby Flee » Mon Sep 04, 2006 2:25 pm

I just learned that FSMism exsisted yesterday, and have been looking at the site and such ever since :p. I'm 14, turning 15 in a month, and I live in Prince Edwards Island, Canada. I don't really believe in a god, or an after life. It's not really a stong belief though, because theres no way of truly knowing which beliefs are right. Instead of worrying about which beliefs are right I try to be open to all beliefs, learn about them, and form my own oppinions based on what I learn.

I do believe that religion should not be a part of science, and in being kind, tolerant, and such, plus the idea of god being a flying spaghetti monster sounds cool :p. Anyway now I'm gona go enjoy the plate of pasta I made while posting this :D

Maccheroncelli Missionary
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Postby dabeast » Mon Sep 04, 2006 6:06 pm

All hail the FSM! That's all I wanted to say.

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Postby Griffin » Mon Sep 04, 2006 6:13 pm

HI Welcome.

Yes there is talk of Pastafarian marriages but I cannot remember where. Someone else will I'm sure.

D-Ranged - look in the Noodly in the UK thread.
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