Board Rules and Procedures

This is the section that includes the forum rules, and standard operating procedures. You can't post to the rest of the forum until you've posted here. Don't bother trying.

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Board Rules and Procedures

Postby Capellini » Mon Jan 19, 2009 7:28 pm

The following rules apply to all areas of this forum. Any confusion over these rules should be addressed privately in a private message sent to one of the board administrators. A list of moderators and administrators and their respective responsibilities is included at the bottom of this post.

The Rules: Registration constitutes a tacit agreement to follow these rules. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.

1. Keep swearing to a minimum.

2. No use of l33t speak or any other form of internet slang, jargon, etc. The exception to this rule is Pirate Speak, which is permitted in all sections EXCEPT the Serious Section and Welcome Section. Also keep in mind that if you want something to be taken seriously (such as a technical question) a wise first step would be to phrase it in a responsible, mature manner.

3. NO ad hominem attacks. We address the qualities of the ideas discussed here, NOT the people expressing those ideas.

4. Posts should be substantive. Learn to use the quote function and edit function to ensure posts are clear and concise. See rule 5.

5. NO SPAMMING!!! This includes flooding a board with numerous new topics, flooding one topic with numerous posts, replying with one word, replying with nothing more than agreement, posting with nothing but the intention of upping your post count, or posting nothing but links. For more on links, see rule 6.

6. Links that you feel deserve to be shared with the community must be posted in the appropriate section, and as part of a post that includes a brief but cohesive explanation of WHAT that link is to, as well as WHY you think it deserves discussion. Do NOT paste entire articles to a post. Include a few relevant quotes and the link to the source material. You will be held responsible for the content of that link. For more on content, see rule 7.

7. There is no posting of illicit material at this forum. This includes pornography or material of a sexual nature, anything portraying, inciting, or condoning violence against a person or group, or anything that violates any of the other rules at this forum.

8. Promotion of personal work is limited to a thread in the Announcements section titled “Blatant Advertising”. It is also permissible to put links to your own sites or MODEST advertisements for your own work in your signature, as long as the display does not violate any of the other board rules. Under no circumstances is it acceptable to use any other section of the board for self-promotion, and that includes the private messaging system.

9. Harassment of other members is strictly prohibited. This includes ad hominem attacks, repeated unsolicited private messages or private messages of derogatory or offensive comments, use of information to stalk or harass members off-forum, or the pursuit of disagreements across threads and board sections.

10. No vigilante behavior. If you have a problem or concern regarding the behavior of another member, you are to take that problem to the moderator for the section that the behavior occurred. It is NEVER appropriate to reprimand another member for behavior you feel is in violation of board rules either publically or privately. Gentle guidance of newbies to the rules is fine, but members who are not moderators have no right to represent themselves as board authorities, moral or otherwise.

11. Private Messages are private. Do not divulge or publish the contents of a Private Message to anyone not already included in that Private Message, unless you are being harrassed, spammed or stalked by PM. Under those circumstances, a Moderator or Admin may ask to see the messages in question with your consent.

12. Respect copyright laws. No exceptions. When in doubt, limit references to a few brief quotes and a link to the source material.

13. This board is not responsible for how material posted here is used. That means: SHARE PERSONAL INFORMATION AT YOUR OWN RISK.

14. The primary language of this community is English. There is a separate section for foreign languages, but outside that area, posts in a language other than English are not permitted. If that means you are incapable of participating here, we’re sorry, but that’s life.

15. Do not abuse the reporting system for posts. This includes flagging numerous posts, flagging posts that are not in violation of any rules, or flagging posts AND then contacting moderators or administrators on the problem.

15. Trolls are not allowed. If you aren't here to participate as an honest and respectful member of a diverse community, GO AWAY.

The administrators reserve the right to change these rules. Violators are subject to suspension, loss of other privileges, or banning.

The Power Structure: Or, who to take your problems to and when

This forum is broken into sections, which are further broken into boards. Each section has a number of moderators who are responsible for the content on the boards in there section. There are also four administrators. The administrators are responsible for the behaviour of the moderators, technical issues, issues that are beyond the capabilities of the moderators to resolve, and issues that cover more than one section and are therefore not easily assigned to a moderator.
Please take any issue to one of the moderators for the section the issue occurs in. Give that moderator 24 hours to respond before taking the issue to another moderator for that section. Allow ANOTHER 24 hours to respond before notifying an administrator that you have received no response from the moderators.

We also have a flag system that allows you to tag posts that have obvious problems. This should be implemented whenever you see spam or another blatant violation of one of the aforementioned rules. You flag a post by clicking the exclamation mark in the lower corner of the post.

Some examples of how to route common problems:
  • I want to change my email – administrator
  • Member so and so said something offensive – moderator
  • I found spam – flag it.
  • I contacted a moderator and they never responded – the other moderator for that section
  • I never received a response from either moderator – an administrator
  • Someone is harassing me through private message – administrator
Please use the private messaging system to contact a moderator or administrator, and please adhere to the 24 hour window before pursuing your problem through other channels.

The administrators are:
The moderators are:

Questions? Contact an administrator.

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