Ways That English is Butchered By the Mexicans

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ken worley
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Ways That English is Butchered By the Mexicans

Postby ken worley » Fri Apr 22, 2011 3:08 am

Here's an idea for a generator, one which I gave breech birth to earlier this evening, and having rigorously experimented to scientifically prove its comedic potential,(see footnote for methodology and citations)-now take the step of making it the basis of a new thread.

First, go to a spanish-english PHRASE translation site on the internet.(ask a scholar or library staff for directions if unfamiliar)-

Second, type in a common phrase, cliche, maxim, or a colorful bit of pop culture "english" of at least three words, into the submission pane, and have the site translate it into spanish.

Third, copy-paste the spanish results of step II into the submission pane of the same site, or another english-spanish translation site, and have it translated back into english.

Type all three versions of the phrase here, so we may all see the proof absolute that mexicans ruin everything.
(a formerly understandable piece of english speaking will now be a unrecognizable bunch of doggerish.)
Get up out my face, fool.

...becomes, when downconverted to meskin':
"Levantarse de la cara, tonto."

...Then, when translated back from meskin' into a language, you get the following illiterate spasm of inanity :
"To get up of the face, idiot"
(Random gibberish sounding familiar, those of you who have gardeners and/or housekeepers?)

Anyway, this has probably been done many times before, and may well be frustrating, nettlesome, and poor-of-return-on-investment, as humorous pastimes go, but, what the hell, give it a try...alternative is travel channel's "top ten brazilian wax clinics in las vegas"

*methodology: tried phrase example above, snickered.
ibid:a site on the internets.(found via google search)

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black bart
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Re: Ways That English is Butchered By the Mexicans

Postby black bart » Sat Apr 23, 2011 4:52 pm

Did you know I used to think 'A Full Brazilian' was a type of breakfast?
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Re: Ways That English is Butchered By the Mexicans

Postby StayThirstyMyAguila » Fri Mar 03, 2017 12:55 pm

English--->Spanish was done with Google Translate.
Spanish--->English was done with spanishdict.com.

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Nef Yoo BlackBeard
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Re: Ways That English is Butchered By the Mexicans

Postby Nef Yoo BlackBeard » Fri Feb 19, 2021 3:40 pm

Dud ye here a bowt thee Baker famly ??

Thay awl in bredd. :welcome:
cabin boy fir hyer. jyint hat no hextra charj.

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