One Meatball At a Time, Sweet Cheeses

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One Meatball At a Time, Sweet Cheeses

Postby TheHolyGrate » Fri Sep 14, 2012 2:30 pm

Hi, I'm new here, but I thought I'd add in some hymnals. I'm not as familiar with the Pastafarian religion as I'd like to be, so feel free to fix this with better Pastafarian lingo. This is sung to the tune of "One Day at a Time, Sweet Jesus":

I'm only human; I'm just a man
Help me believe in what I could eat
and measure each gram
Show me the noodles I have to strain
Lord for my plate Teach me to take
One meatball at a time

One meatball at a time, sweet Cheeses
That's all I'm asking from you
Give me the strainer to drain all the noodles
The ravioli is gone, sweet Cheeses
And the spaghetti may never be mine
Help me today
Show me the way
One meatball at a time.

Do you remember
When you had your first Ramen
Well, Cheeses, you know when you boil them slow
It's worse now than then
Mushy and slimy, rancid and bland
Lord for my plate
Teach me to take
One meatball at a time


I hope you like. Cheeses is a play of Jesus (duh), and he's the son of His Noodly Goodness come to melt for our sin. He's part of the Holy Tortellini: The Pasta, The Cheese, and the Holy Marinara Sauce. :fsm_float:

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