Shakesperian pirate sonnet

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Shakesperian pirate sonnet

Postby svenk91 » Wed Apr 08, 2009 10:48 am

Had to make a sonnet for my english lessons at school, so here it is :

Sailing the seas is what they mostly do
Looking for towns to plunder near the coast
Hiding from warships inside a bayou
Fearing nothing but a vicious ghost

When plundering towns, stealing rum they will
Not to mention the grog, their holy grail
Taking some hot wenches for a thrill
And for the captain, some nice English ale

Fighting battles against the enemy
Shooting their big cannons with a poor aim
Maneuvering hard not to sink in the sea
If loosing, fleeing battle without shame

Living their glorious but deadly live
'Cause for lots of booty they strive

Had to do it quick (forgot the assignment) but hope you like it. I'm not a native english speaker so it's not perfect and all. Hope you like it though, planning on doing more sonnets involving the FSM now.

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Re: Shakesperian pirate sonnet

Postby svenk91 » Wed Apr 08, 2009 11:22 am

and my third sonnet (number 2 was not FSM/pirate related at all, only on request)

Flying the skies he does invisibly
Touching with his noodly appendages
Being there glorious, for non to see
Believing in him has its advantages

Touching people down, called gravity
Beside that there’s much he manages
He manages even the life of a flea
Though pirates have with him more vantages

Heaven is for all who believe in him
There’s a beer volcano for all your drinks
And a strippers factory for company

Having a glass of grog filled to the brim
Sharing candy and being highly jinks
Be a pirate, don’t watch too much tv

has a: abab-abab-cda-cda rhyme scheme. Hope you like it.

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Re: Shakesperian pirate sonnet

Postby Ubi Dubius » Wed Apr 08, 2009 11:39 am

Verry gud lad, well dun.
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