Holy Macaroni!

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Holy Macaroni!

Postby supertorresmo » Wed Apr 09, 2008 8:45 pm

In the Batman and Robin TV series from the 60s, Robin used to say: "Holy Macaroni!" :fsm:

I think this evidence suggest that Robin was a Pastafarian!!!

So, he would than have two reason to come out of the bat-closet!
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Postby Robbobrob » Thu Apr 10, 2008 10:24 am

Yes, the expression "Holy Macaroni" has a long and elusterous verbal career throughout the ages.

It dates back to the dinosaur days, when macaroni was not the name of a pasta, but an Italian cousin of the Mackrel. But once cavemen learned to harness the power of wheat and fire, Macaroni became the name of the pasta in a fish catch-a-tory (because in those days, the Italian cavemen were in a fierce war of attrition with the British cavemen, before the dark ages gave tehm all new weapons besides clubs, slings, and riding dinosaurs with spears).

Once we fast forward past a few thousand years of Gospel history, we arrive at the time of the Batman. And pesto, a catch phrase is incorporated into the second worse of the Batman live action versions, second only to the 1980's movie versions.
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