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Postby Setekh » Tue May 08, 2007 2:24 pm

English - Finnish

Flying Spaghetti Monster - Lentävä spagettimonsteri
pirate - merirosvo
noodly Appendage - noodelimainen lisäke (?)
midget - kääpiö
garlic Bread - valkosipulileipä
tasty - maukas
delicious - herkullinen
meatball - lihapulla
tomato - tomaatti
cheese - juusto
stripper factory - stripparitehdas
beer vulcano - kaljatulivuori
touched - kosketti
His Noodliness - Hänen nuudelimaisuutensa

I think that's about it. There might be some fuck-ups :/.

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Postby Cameron » Sat May 12, 2007 8:14 pm

I know some basic Esperanto, so I'll try this, even though it's mostly from Vikipedio (Wikipedia)

English - Esperanto
Flying Spaghetti Monster - Fluganta Spageta Monstro
Pirate - Pirato
Noodly Appendage - Almetaĵo Nudle (had to coin a new word for this one)
Midgit - Ilfo (had a little problem here, as there is no work for midget. Therefore, I used elf [elfo] and replaced the E with an I)
Beer Volcano - Biero Vulkano
Stripper Factory - Striptizistino Fabriko
Garlic Bread - Pano Ajlo
Tasty - Bongusta
Delicious - Bongusta (sorry, same word in this case)
Meatball - Viandopilko
Tomato - Tomato (different pronunciation)
Cheese - Fromaĝo
Pastafarianism - Pastafarianismo

Hope you like it- Esperanto may be a small language, but every little bit helps.
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Postby I-Yah » Sun Jul 01, 2007 5:03 am

English - Latvian

Flying Spaghetti Monster - Lidojošais Spageti Briesmonis
Pirate - pirāts
Noodles - nūdeles
Appendage - piedēklis
Midget - liliputs
Tasty - garÅ¡īgs
Delicious - gards
Garlic bread - ķiploku maize
Meatball - kotlete
Tomato - tomāts
Cheese - siers
Stripper factory - striptīzdejotāju rūpnīca/fabrika
Beer vulcano - alus vulkāns
WWFSMD? - KGLSBD? (Ko gan LidojoÅ¡ais Spageti Briesmonis darītu?)

Setekh, did you know that finnish "tasty" in latvian means "whores"?

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Postby Moral Minority » Sat Mar 22, 2008 9:34 am

English - Macedonian

Flying Spaghetti Monster - Летечко Шпагети Чудовиште/ Letecko Spageti Cudoviste
pirate - Гусар / Gusar
noodly Appendage - Тестенинести пипала / Testeninesti pipala
midget - Џуџе/ Juje
garlic Bread - луков леб/ Lukov leb
tasty - вкусно / vkusno
delicious - изврсно / izvrsno
meatball - ќофте / cofte
tomato - домат / domat
cheese - сирење / sirene
stripper factory - фабрика за стриптизети / fabrika za striptizeti
beer volcano - Вулкан за пиво / Vulkan za pivo
touched - допрен/ допрена/ допрено/ допрени (changes according to grammatical gender) / dopren/ doprena/ dopreno/ dopreni
His Noodliness - Неговата Тестениност/ Negovata testeninost

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Re: Dictionary/Wordbook for international Pastafarianism

Postby Billy Bones » Mon Jun 23, 2008 2:30 pm

English - Spanish

I agree about the Noodly apendage" is "apendice tallarinesco", but the FSM is mostly translated as "Mostruo del Espagueti Volador" instead of "Monstruo Volador de Espagueti". Many places in spanish use the short "Monesvol", to represent his saucy presence.

RAmen Brothers. :fsm_float:
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Re: Dictionary/Wordbook for international Pastafarianism

Postby VinZ » Thu Jul 03, 2008 4:52 am

This is a very dangerous evolution; the FSM revealed Himself through our Prophet (Sauce Be upon Him) who wrote the gospel in the divine English language. Being American, the Prophet (SBUH) wasn't proficient in this language either, but His hand was guided by a Noodly Appendage when He wrote the gospel, turning it into a fine piece of divine literature without a single spelling or grammatical mistake!!! Clearly, the FSM wants His word to be spread in English. Therefor translations in any other language are forbidden, as they could weaken the power of His words or twist the true word of the FSM!
Translation of FSM terminology, which is happening right here, can be tolerated, as it might help converting international seekers for the Truth. I fear however that this behavior could be a stepping stone to translate the revelations of the Prophet (SBUH), which we should fight with all means. You're not worthy twisting the Holy Book :worship: by attempting to translate His words. A severe punishment awaits you in the afterlife if you attempt to do so.

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Re: Dictionary/Wordbook for international Pastafarianism

Postby retinuee » Wed Jan 14, 2009 5:06 am

English - Turkish
Flying Spaghetti Monster - Uçan Spagetti Canavarı (USC)
Pirate - Korsan
Noodly Appendage - Makarnasal uzuv
Garlic Bread - Sarımsaklı ekmek
tasty - lezziz
delicious - lezzetli
Meatball(s) - Köfte(ler)
Tomato - Domates
Cheese - Peynir
Beer Volcano - Bira Volkanı
Midget - Cüce
Midgit - Çüçe, or cücü perhaps, both are used in sermons in Turkish

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Postby Sane Lunasea » Sat Jan 07, 2012 11:49 pm

Pippystix wrote:English - Japanese
Flying Spaghetti Monster - 操縦スパゲティ怪物 (soujuu supagetti kaibutsu)
Pirate - 海賊 (かいぞく) (Kaizoku)
Noodly Appendage - 麺振る (Menburu)
Midgit(s) - 一寸法師 (Issunboushi)
Garlic Bread - 大蒜パン (Ninniku Pan)
tasty - 美味しい (Oishii)
delicious - 美味しい (Oishii)
Meatball(s) - メンチボール (Menchibouru)
Tomato - 赤茄子 (Akanasu)
Cheese - フロマージュ (Furomaaju)

I've also seen Flying Spaghetti Monster as 空飛ぶスパゲッティ・モンスター
In this case, using a romanization of the word Monster in place of the kanji 怪物 is just as acceptable.
However I think using 空飛ぶ (soratobu) meaning "to fly in the sky" is more appropriate than 操縦 which is more like "flying or piloting a plane."
For more information in Japanese, you can visit this page.

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