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Postby Barbarian » Fri Jan 27, 2006 4:28 pm

Auntie Dee Dee wrote:The coined word could be translated as "the one who thrown up(ward) beer", right?

Yes, except for the "(ward)" part. The second part of the compound comes from the verb "hányni", which means "to throw without a discernible pattern and in multiple installments" (honestly!), also "to vomit".
Auntie Dee Dee wrote:So that's a matter of differing translations, and it would work.

Yes, I think that is sensible. I tried the word on a few people, and they were all approving of the construct, noticed the double meaning but claimed that it just makes the term better. So I go with "sörhányó" for "beer volcano".
Auntie Dee Dee wrote:Don't get too deep into research on the Stripper Factory. :wink:

There's no stopping me now. I will research the issue until exhaustion (either mine or of the topic). This should be easy if one is living in one of the largest stripper factories of the world, namely in Eastern Europe.

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Postby anon1mat0 » Fri Jan 27, 2006 5:10 pm

That reminds me a beautiful hungarian girl I met....

...erm... eh... carry on.

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Postby Fideuà » Wed Feb 01, 2006 4:48 pm

ideafix wrote:For Spanish, I think

Noodly Appendage could be
Apéndice Pastoso o Apéndice Fideoso.
It doesn't have to sound nice, just funny. =)

And Midgit: Enano

I plan to translate the Noodly Scriptures of His Sauced Monster to spanish, has anyone already started this effort?

If we look up for that in Google, we get:

Resultados 1 - 1 de 1 de "apéndice de fideo". (0,08 segundos)
Resultados 1 - 10 de aproximadamente 28 de "apéndice de pasta". (0,35 segundos)
Su búsqueda - "apéndice pastoso" - no produjo ningún documento.
(That is: no results)
Resultados 1 - 4 de aproximadamente 5 de "apéndice fideoso". (0,32 segundos)
Resultados 1 - 10 de aproximadamente 33 de "apéndice tallarinesco"

As you can see the most usual expressions are "apéndice de pasta" (pasta apendage) and "apéndice tallarinesco" ("tagliatellesque apendage"). "Apéndice tallarinesco" appears in the Spanish Wikipedia entry for our religion ( http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pastafarismo ). As most people who want to get information on Pastafarianism go to Wikipedia, it must be the reason why that translation for "noodly apendage" has become so popular. It's also the funniest option of all. In Spanish we use the Italian word for spaghetti, although we adjust the spelling (we spell it "espagueti"). But Spanish DOES have a word of its one for noodles (fideos), and, surprisingly, tagliatelle (the spanish for tagliatelle is "tallarines"). As tagliatelle and spaghetti are similar, and the word "tallarines" has a special appeal to it as it is an original spanish word, it's quite logical that the funny expression "apéndice tallarinesco" (tagliatelle apendage, or tagliatellesque apendage) has remained the standard. Actually when they represent the FSM in pictures their apendages usually look like tagliatelle, not like spaghetti :? Should we change the supreme being's name to "monstruo volador de tallarines" (flying tagliatelle monster) in Spanish?

These are tagliatelle (tallarines), flat like strips, unlike spaghetti, which are thin, cylindrical and tubular:

If "Noodly apendage" is "apéndice tallarinesco", "noodly scriptures" should be "tallarinescas escrituras" better than "escrituras tallarinescas" (in spanish the adjective can go before or after the noun), because we usually say "sagradas escrituras", not "escrituras sagradas".

"Sauced" in expressions such as "the sauced one" or "the sauced monster" could be "sazonado" or "aliñado".

I'll try to do a few translations in Basque (although I'm not Basque and Basque is not my mother tongue it's a nice language to learn):

FSM=Espageti Munstro Hegalaria (EMH)
Noodly apendage: Fideo apendize (noodle apendage), fideozko apendize (noodly apendage), fideo-itxurako apendize (noodle-shaped apendage), pastazko apendize (pasta apendage)...
WWFSMD?=ZEZEMH? (Zer egingo zuen espageti munstro hegalariak?)
meatball=haragi-bola (although the word "albondiga", similar to spanish, does exist).
your noodliness=berorren fideotasuna ("berorren pastasuna" would be funny and nonsensical, although meaningless, the "-ta" syllable of the word "pasta" being mixed with the beginning of the suffix "tasuna" (-ness in English)). Pay attention to the employment of the word "berorren", which is a really bombastic and old-fashioned form of address ("your holiness" would be "berorren saindutasuna").
Garlic bread=baratxuri ogia (literally, I don't really know if that exists in Basque, although in Spanish we do say "pan de ajo").
touched by the noodly tentacle=fideozko apendizeak ukituta
The noodly tentacle has touched him=fideozko apendizeak ukitu du

Beer volcano- Here we must face a problem similar to the one we had with hungarian. Basque for volcano is "sumendi" (fire mountain). What the word garagardomendi (beer mountain) would suggest is a mountain of beer cans, not a beer volcano. But the literal translation of beer volcano, that is, "garagardo sumendi" (beer fire-mountain) is completely absurd. A mountain can be a beer mountain or a fire mountain, but it can't be both! :? . Maybe we would have to resort to a whole explanation: "suaren ordez garagardoa botatzen duen sumendi modukoa" (a kind of "fire-mountain" that throws beer instead of fire).

pirate=pirata, itsaslapur. (pirata, the same word as in Spanish, is more common).
delicious=gozo-gozo, on-on, goxo-goxo, bikaina.

It is quite interesting that in Catalan the word for "noodle" (fideu) and the word for "God" (Déu) nearly rhyme. In the former the stressed part of the diptong is open and in the latter it's closed, but it nearly rhymes. Fideu (noodle) could be pronounced phi-deu (phi-god). Phi, as you should know, is the name of a greek letter :wink: . Those are signs that prove that the catalan language has been touched by His noodly apendage. Maybe Catalan should be made the sacred language of Pastafarianism. In my avatar you can see a "fideuà", which is a typical Valencian dish, a noodle paella (paella is also a Valencian dish, although people abroad associate it with the whole of Spain). It's delicious. They speak a dialect of catalan (the holy language touched by his noodliness) in the Valencian Country, although some people in there say Catalan and Valencian are separate languages (this is a highly politically charged subject, you know).
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Postby Swatopluk » Thu Feb 02, 2006 8:23 am

Thank you very much for that valuable input!!! :D :) 8)
May His Noodly Appendage touch you wherever you are!
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Postby pastatuga » Fri Feb 03, 2006 9:48 pm

English - Portuguese

Flying Spaghetti Monster - O Monstro de Esparguete Voador
the Pirat - O pirata
his Noodly Appendage - O seu apêndice de massa (n funciona muito bem )
Midgit(s) - Anão/Anões
the Garlic Bread - O pão com alho
tasty - Saboroso
delicious - Delicioso
the Meatball(s) - As Almondegas
the Tomato - O Tomate
the Cheese - O Queijo
the stripper factory - A Fábrica de Strippers
the beer vulcano - O Vulcão da Cerveja

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Postby Trin » Sun Mar 05, 2006 4:00 pm

English - Slovenian
Flying Spaghetti Monster - Leteča špagetna pošast (or špagetasta instead of špagetna. )
the Pirat - gusar
his Noodly Appendage - njegova rezančasta privesnost (lol, it sounds weird, but I don't find any other option)
midgit - palček/pritilkavec
tasty - okusen
delicious - slasten
meatballs - mesne kroglice
tomato - paradižnik
cheese - sir
stripper factory - tovarna striptizet
beer vulcano - vulkan piva
garlic bread - česnov kruh
I won't even try to write down the pronounciation :D

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Postby Swatopluk » Mon Mar 06, 2006 10:05 am

I won't even try to write down the pronounciation :D

Would create the question which pronounciation system is used anyway.
Thank you nonetheless!
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Postby Swatopluk » Tue Mar 07, 2006 9:41 am

Free translations are good, especially if they are more 'catchy' than mere literal ones that sound too complicated or stiff.
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English - Slovak

Postby bwpow » Sat Mar 11, 2006 9:55 pm

English - Slovak (Anglicko - Slovensky)

Flying Spaghetti Monster - lietajúce špagetové monštrum / lietajúca špagetová príšera
Pirate - pirát, korzár
Noodly Appendage - rezancový výrastok / haluškový výrastok
Midget - človiečik, trpaslík
Garlic Bread - cesnakový chlieb
tasty - chutný
delicious - lahodný, chutný
Meatball - mäsová guľa, karbonátok
Tomato - paradajka
Cheese - syr
stripper factory - továreň na striptérky
beer vulcano - pivná sopka
touched - dotknutý
His Noodliness - Jeho Cestovinovosť / Jeho HaluÅ¡kovosť

This translation is quite free as well, as the Czech translation. Even more, because in Slovak language, we don't have any special name for "noodle" and the translation is the same as "pasta". Suggestions are welcome.

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Postby Swatopluk » Sun Mar 12, 2006 5:38 am

I have proposed "long dough" for languages that don't have a special word for noodles.
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Postby Wu » Fri Sep 22, 2006 1:54 am

(It'd be nice to hear from a native though...)

Flying Spaghetti Monster - 飞行拉面魔鬼 (feixing lamian mogui)
Pirate - 海盗 (haidao)
Noodly Appendage - 祂的拉面附股 (Ta de lamian fugu)
Midgit - 朱儒 (zhuru), it should be written as 侏儒, but doesn't it have a (sic)? :)
tasty - 美味的 (meiwei de)
delicious - 芳香的 (fangxiang de)
garlic bread - (don't know)
meatballs - 肉丸 (rouwan)
tomato - 西红柿 (xihongshi)
cheese - 奶酪 (nailao)
stripper factory - 演脱衣舞着的工厂 (yantuoyiwuzhe de gongchang) OK, this sounds bad :) I'll try 'n' find some slang later...
volcano - 啤酒火山 (pijiu huoshan)
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Postby Wu » Fri Sep 22, 2006 2:02 am


Flying Spaghetti Monster - Letece spagetno cudoviste (or Letece spageti cudoviste. Neki predlog?)
Pirate - pirat, gusar
His Noodly Appendage - Njegov spagetni privesak (doesn't sound so good, but I couldn't think of any other words with adequate meaning... Predlog?)
Midgit - kepec, patuljak
tasty - ukusan
delicious - izvanredan, slastan...
garlic bread - (still don't know)
meatballs - cufte
tomato - paradajz
cheese - sir
stripper factory - fabrika striptizeta
volcano - vulkan piva
A monk asked Zhao Zhou: "Has a dog Buddha-nature or not?" Zhao Zhou answered: "Mu."

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Postby iPad » Fri Sep 22, 2006 7:25 pm

singidunum wrote:English - Czech


Only Czech I remember since visiting your fine country.

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Postby Laura » Tue Oct 24, 2006 12:45 am

wow! i dont know any languages but im gonna buy an english-chinese dictionary to post up the chinese list!

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Postby Pippystix » Sun Apr 22, 2007 3:03 pm

English - Japanese
Flying Spaghetti Monster - 操縦スパゲティ怪物 (soujuu supagetti kaibutsu)
Pirate - 海賊 (かいぞく) (Kaizoku)
Noodly Appendage - 麺振る (Menburu)
Midgit(s) - 一寸法師 (Issunboushi)
Garlic Bread - 大蒜パン (Ninniku Pan)
tasty - 美味しい (Oishii)
delicious - 美味しい (Oishii)
Meatball(s) - メンチボール (Menchibouru)
Tomato - 赤茄子 (Akanasu)
Cheese - フロマージュ (Furomaaju)
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