Suppositional Expand of a FSMism's Opinion of the World

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Suppositional Expand of a FSMism's Opinion of the World

Postby peak » Tue Aug 18, 2009 9:59 am

"The Gospel of FSM" record the Genesis of FSM.
The world are not perfect, there are earthquakes and tidal waves, they may kill people.
Infact this is not the ONLY world FSM creat, nether the first one nor the last. There are worlds FSM creat earlier. They are worse, and we called them HELL chronically. The better ones FSM creat later we called HAVEN.
3k years ago, someone knew the secret of these parallel universes accidentally. He found that if a man is a good man, there will be a better world after death, and bad man goes to bad world accordingly. If someone do better enough, He/She will be a person of enlightenment and be able to go across these different worlds. He divid the people that wandering in the different worlds to six types, called six realms.
Buddha "knew" the law of the worlds, and FSM is the law.
焚我娇躯 熊々欲火 生不知欢 死焉知苦
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怜我世人 惑患实多 怜我世人 惑患实多

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