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by Antiquehunter
Fri Sep 30, 2005 5:50 am
Forum: Hymns and Songs
Topic: Another shameless Beatles ripoff.
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Another shameless Beatles ripoff.

With apologies to McCartney / Lennon I was thinking of nautical / piratey songs to turn saucy. Came up with 'Yellow Submarine'. Not much of a hymn but may be an amusing singsong if enough beer is involved. Need to be creative with my phrasings... In the town where I was born Lived a man who taught I...
by Antiquehunter
Fri Sep 30, 2005 5:05 am
Forum: Scripture and Lore
Topic: LAW
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And from the mountain He just created, His Wiggly Greatness said unto the trees and the Midgit: "Ummm yeah. So one thing that really annoys me is people who don't leave the bathroom in a condition suitable for the next user. We're not talking about the ageless 'seat up or seat down' debate, but the ...
by Antiquehunter
Fri Sep 30, 2005 4:48 am
Forum: Locked Posts
Topic: PSALMS!
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Shamelessly modified from an obscure Psalm I read somewhere... 1. The FSM is my noodlemaker; I shall not want. 2. He maketh me to slurp noodles smothered in saucy goodness 3. He leadeth me to many bottles of fine wines. 4. He restoreth the pasta in my bowl: 5. He leadeth me to fine Italian restauran...

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